Honeyed Porchetta Carrots

Need a Christmas Cracker? Want something more than Boiled Carrots with ya Roast Dinner? How about Honeyed Porchetta Carrots? Sweet, with a touch of Garlic & Fennel.

🥕Prep your carrots. Horse carrots if you’re cheap, Chantenay if you’re half fancy, Heritage if you’re a hipster. Slice ’em, Dice ’em, or leave ’em whole. It’s up to you.

🥕Pop in an oven proof pan, drizzle with honey and 1tsp per 100g carrots of SpiceMule Porchetta Rub

🥕Toss together, and bung in the oven. It will take about 30-40 minutes to get a real good caramelisation.