Chettinad Curry Recipe

Chettinad Curry Recipe

Splash a little oil into the pan

Add 30g of the Chettinad Curry blend

Heat over medium flame for 10 seconds then add a tin of coconut milk.

Gently heat for a couple of minutes, until a little oil appears on the surface.

At this point add chicken ( couple of breasts will be enough), sweet potato or anything else you fancy (honestly this mix works well with everything)

Cook for 15 minutes (unless you’re using seafood which will need less cooking time), then taste. If you want more salt add a pinch of it (or a splash of fish sauce). I like to add a squirt of honey to it, as it just adds another dimension.

Add any extra veg you want (thinking sliced baby sweet corn, sugar snap peas etc) and cook until the meat is cooked through

Serve with a smile and rice