Ant’s Mediterannean Salmon Salad

So simple even Ellie can cook this one. Plus it’s super fast.

  • Take your prime cut of salmon fresh from the sea, (or, you know, Waitrose dahhling.) and pop of a sheet of foil in an oven proof dish.
  • Generously cover with Mediterranean Rub, fold the tin foil over the fish to seal. Chuck in the oven for 12 min at 180 for 12-15min depending on the size of your fish
  • It’s done when the fish flakes.
  • Serve with fresh salad harvested from your kitchen garden. Alternatively open the bag salad that’s been judging you from the fridge for the last few days and serve with that.
  • BONUS POINTS – make up for the sad bag salad by making your own dressing. Mix equal parts oil and vinegar (think white wine more than malt), in a jar and add a tsp of Porchetta Rub. Shake vigorously and drizzle over the salad.