Sashay Away


With more sass than all the Drag Queens combined this slightly spicy, slightly salty, slightly sweet, very roasted sesame blend brings a lot of YAAAS QUEEN to the table. Think of this as your PEANUT FREE SATAY. Pop it in houmous, coat it on chicken or tofu, add to roasted veggies or wherever you need some oompf

Packed in Metal Tins or resealable, compostable/fully recyclable pouches

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60g, 200g


Ingredients : Roasted Sesame, Coconut Milk Powder, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Sea Salt, Spices (Chilli, Ginger), Red Pepper Flakes, Sodium Diacetate

Allergens in BOLD

Value/100g : Energy  1864kJ (447kcal), Fat 32.9g (Saturates 10.4g), Carbohydrate 26.7g (Of Sugars  15.5g), Fibre 7.1g, Protein  12.1g, Salt  8g



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