Meatball Meal Box


Who doesn’t need a little meatball in their lives? And a Garlicky, Herby meatball, drenched in a tomatoey smoky sauce. Well that is just idyllic. Served with a pile of al dente pasta, and you may as well cancel all your plans for visiting the Italian Riviera as it just won’t be able to top it. Just add the Garlic & Herb mix to 400g of meat a splash of water and form into meatballs. So simple you can get your kids to do it. In fact we fully sanction this as part of the home schooling curriculum.

And to finish off your holiday at home, how about a decadent Chocolate Mug Cake oozing gooey richness and ready in 60 seconds? Who needs a passport?


1 x Garlic & Herb Mix (add to 500g minced meat)

1 x Sweet & Smokey Rub (your life long cupboard staple)

2 x Molten Chocolate Mug Cakes




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