The Field Kitchen – Gift Box


A premium selection of Spices to arm you for every eventuality. Complete with a recipe brochure to guide you.

Salt & Szechuan – The Everyday Hero

Salt & Szechuan Pepper. The ultimate add to everything blend. Szechuan pepper adds a citrus boost to all meals making it perfect for everything from seasoning steak to adding to chips.

Lemon & Fennel – Your Zesty Hero

Lots of lemon oil and fennel seeds combine for a zesty and bright seasoning. Simply dust onto fish before cooking, add to a batter or combine with another hero.

Carolina Reaper – Your Spicy Hero

Use with care. Spicy hot wings or mix with the Cumin & Coriander Hero for an easy chilli con carne

Cumin & Coriander – Your Curry Hero

Roasted Coriander and Roasted Cumin combine to give a perfect base for curries or simple Middle Eastern warmth. Mix with a dash of Lemon & Fennel Hero for a tasty Tagine.

To help reduce excess packaging this item (when ordered alone) is sent out with no further packaging. Please let us know in the comments section when you place your order if this is a gift. We will then send this out in secondary packaging for you.

A Turner & Sons Sausage Ltd is proud to support Help for Heroes. 40p from the sale price of this box will be donated to Help for Heroes Trading Limited which gifts all its taxable profits to Help for Heroes (Registered Charity Number 1120920).


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