All Burger, No Bull Meal Box


This is the year we say no to New Years resolutions. Why make January sadder by stopping you from eating Burgers, Chips and Chocolate cake?? Its simple, you shouldn’t. So we have stepped up (you are most welcome) and created this wonder box of tasty, vegan deliciousness for you.

In the pack you get a scrummy burger mix (just add hot water and oil, its really that simple), one of our Gourmet Rubs to add to fries annnnnnd the wonder that is the Molten Chocolate Mug Cake.

Vegan IconContains:

1 x All Burger, No Bull (makes 4 Phat burgers)

1 x Sweet & Smokey Rub (your life long cupboard staple)

2 x Molton Chocolate Mug Cakes




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